Kozminski University is an exceptional university by all means. As an institution, it is marked by many exceptional qualities: innovation, enthusiasm, vision, a missionary approach and zeal, respect for traditional values, courage, agility, and great ambition. It is thanks to them that we, as members of the KU community, come often across opinions coming from Poland and abroad that we are “paving the way“ or “setting new standards“. We approach the world without inhibition, not only adapting to new conditions but also really impacting the reality – doing so to the benefit of students, science, and society.

Our main advantages are a unique culture, dedicated staff, internationalisation, modern study programmes, and world-class research.

Thanks to the virtues and qualities we can display, we are ready to think boldly about the future.

In the points to follow below, I would like to present concept for the directions of development for the 2020-2024 term.

We will design a concrete, feasible strategy for the coming years together with the Rectors’ Board and the broadly understood management of the University. This strategy will be a continuation of the strategy pursued in the previous years, but the situation which has occurred in the world may require some modifications to it – especially in the area of attracting applicants for admission to our studies as well as in the area of the forms and content of teaching.

Regardless of how quickly the world will deal with the coronavirus epidemic, I will keep on doing my best for Kozminski University to strengthen its position as the undisputed leader of business education in Central and Eastern Europe and to find itself at the forefront of European business schools (Top 15) as soon as possible. I believe that achieving this ambitious goal is possible thanks to the team we have formed, our consistency in operation, and the unique culture of the University – combining traditional academic values ​​with modern thinking, ambition with courage, and commitment with faith in success.

A huge, unique value of KU, ranking the University high in the global world of education, is the range of international accreditations (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA) it holds. The ability to keep the “triple crown” and the development of the University, according to the guidelines we receive from accreditation institutions, is of great importance for reinforcing our position, and I will devote a lot of attention to this matter.

In the area of internationalisation, the University will remain involved in further international networking at the highest level. Building close relationships with institutions creating the global economic education landscape (e.g. EFMD, AACSB) or forming strong international alliances with the best universities in the world is our unique value, important for both students and employees.

In the area of ​​education, the University, assuming responsibility for its graduates, develops studies which, thanks to the supervision and guidance of the leaders involved in their delivery, offer high quality as well as modern form and content, and address the contemporary requirements and expectations of the labour market. The quality of teaching is a great value of our University, which is why I would like to support and reward the best teachers.

In the area of ​​scientific research, we will continue pursuing the policy of supporting and rewarding achievements marked by a global quality. Obtaining research grants will also be awarded. In the coming years, KU will strive to obtain the highest score in the parametric assessment for the period 2017-2021 in the Management discipline and a score of ‘very good’ for the disciplines: Finance and Economics as well as Law.

In the area of ​​postgraduate studies, the University will dynamically develop the portfolio of the offered studies, including English-language programmes (together with MBA programmes) as well as courses, trainings, and studies offered in the online model. I will strive to involve ‘young KU staff’ more and more in MBA/exMBA classes as well as in the training and consulting projects run for corporate clients.

In the area of​​ administration, I will focus on dynamic development of the HR function to benefit our employees, including by implementing a comprehensive employee service portal. At the same time, I will support shaping the right development paths for KU employees and providing them with ways to improve their qualifications. Creating a friendly work environment and strengthening the communication between the University Authorities and the Team is extremely important for me. The launch of new IT systems and a new website is intended to relieve many of us of a number of onerous activities and let us engage in more ambitious tasks. I would like to assure the University administration team that efficient and friendly administration is as important to me as teaching or science.

In the area of ​​cooperation with the environment, I will strive to maintain good relations with public sector institutions and to establish strong partnerships with entities with a similar academic and business profiles to our University – so-called “look-alikes”, i.e. relatively young, recognised brands, privately-owned, with significant successes in both domestic and international markets.

The University will put an emphasis on intensive development of CSR activities (ethics, sustainable development, responsibility for the environment) and popularise the perspective of measuring its impact on society. In this context, to the extent our budget allows it, I will develop pro-ecological solutions to be adopted at the University (See our report of first weeks of actions against COVID 19). I will always be happy to engage in and support charity campaigns individually and institutionally.

I will make every effort to communicate my decisions made as the Rector regularly, so that our entire community is well informed and kept up-to-date. I will be ready to hear your opinions, ideas, and suggestions. Our team’s initiative, proactivity, and solution-oriented approach are all unique features of our culture, and I would like to cultivate it as well. I pledge to remain open to innovative projects and always welcome a pro-development approach.

Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek